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2020 Poster
The 44th Official Iditarod Poster

My painting honoring the true story: Traveling in 1979 on my last Iditarod, I asked Ophir checker Dick Forsgren to describe the trail to Iditarod.  "Jon, it's only the second year to use this route, there is no trail, It's 90 miles, 30 miles of trees, 30 miles of a few trees, 30 miles of no trees... stay between the hills". Of course we never got lost, we just didn't know where the hell we were!  Good memories, good times, and of course I wouldn't have had it any other way .


Jon ran his first Iditarod race in 1976 and in 1977 he produced the first official Iditarod poster to help raise money for the cash-strapped race. It was very successful and the Iditarod committee asked him to continue producing the posters each year since. 


This is a signed limited edition poster.

  • Signed by Jon Van Zyle
  • Printed on archival paper.
  • Image size: 16" x 20"
  • Cost — $49 includes USPS mail anywhere in the USA.
  • Sorry no international orders.

2020 Iditarod Poster

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